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My name is Tara Thomas

I live in Eastern Long Island and I am a Nursing student working towards my LPN. My younger sister has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar/ Borderline Personality Disorder; for the past 10 years she has been through intensive therapy and in and out of foster care and respite programs such as those run by the Pederson-Krag Center in Smithtown. Without going into too much detail her illness has devastated our family.

Mental illness affects everyone. Nearly 60 million Americans experience a mental health condition every year. Regardless of race, age, religion or economic status, mental illness impacts the lives of at least one in four adults and one in 10 children across the United States. People living with mental illness need help and hope; they need a community that supports them, their families and their recovery. Because mental illness devastates the lives of so many Americans, NAMI works every day to save every life. If someone you know has an illness like this maybe you have seen this first hand. It is impossible to describe the mental strain illnesses places on families. Without support group meetings such as those offered by NAMI many families would collapse under the stress.

NAMI Queens/Nassau, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Queens/Nassau will be holding their Annual NAMIWalk on May 3rd, 2014. This will be my first walk. I am asking you to support funding for NAMI Queens/Nassau‘s family and individual support and education programs. NAMI provides these programs free of cost to families of people affected by mental illness. Funds raised allow NAMI to have a stronger presence in our community and to advocate in greater ways at the local, state and national level on the behalf of the millions of people affected.

I hope you will help us today by making a tax-deductable donation to sponsor me as a walker in this event, please visit my personal walker web page at:

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